Workshop on Agrochemical and Pesticide Packaging Management – Raising Awareness

Mon Jan 04 Events

Hanoi, 9 December 2020 – On 9 December 2020, UNDP in collaboration with Vietnam Chemicals Agency (Ministry of Industry and Trade) through the project “Green Chemistry” and HACAS, co-organized a Training-of-Trainers workshop “Agrochemical and pesticide packaging management – raising awareness”. The training was conducted with the HACAS’s “Green Field” project, which encourages company members to take action for corporate social responsibility and strengthen awareness around the problem of plastic pollution. The training was organized for Climate Business Index companies under HACAS that want to make a greater commitment for a green future.

Around 30 companies attended the workshop, in addition to leaders and representatives from Vinachemia, UNDP and Hanoi Agrochemical Association. The representatives started the training with opening remarks in which were highlighted the significant role of green chemistry and the important role of private sector in the sustainable development to achieve the SDGs in Viet Nam. The diverse and dynamic group of speakers provided in-depth insight on sustainable green agrochemical business including government policies and direction of support, as well as actionable and practical experience from both international and Vietnam.

At the training, participants had opportunities not only to engage with international and national best practices, but also to share their own experience with agricultural chemicals. Majority of the participants shared similar experiences in facing difficulties when raising awareness for the distribution channels and for farmers. Participants also stressed the importance of responsibilities for both enterprises and farmers.

The training was successful with fruitful discussions on issues and solutions. Additionally, the most stimulating part, brainstorming took place with experienced people discussing on every possible alternative available to critically assess the methodology and turn words into action. The Climate Business Index looks forward to develop the support scheme towards a green future and expects to conduct similar type of trainings in the future.