How to Become a Green Business – Part 8: Building Your “Green Business” Reputation

Mon Dec 02 News

A green business (or sustainable business) is a business that causes no negative impact on the local or global environment, the community, or the economy. Green business is both socially and environmentally responsible and is focused on implementing principles and practices that benefit their employees, community, and the planet. Consumers may be particularly drawn to green business because of their reputation as companies that protect environmental resources, ensure the well-being of both employees and those who supply the company, and constantly revise their approaches to make them more aligned with sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Becoming green as a business is not a one-off change; it’s an ongoing endeavor that requires constant learning and improving.


1. Become certified

Having independent green accreditation on a product or service can reassure customers that your business is honest and the “real thing”, saving your customers from having to check up in your claims. For example, you can become certified by the Green Business Bureau (GBB) by visiting their website at a certified green business will provide you resources and guidance for continued improvement, will help you gain marketing visibility for your greening efforts, and will keep you up to date with the latest advancements in sustainable technology.


2. Be transparent

Authentically green companies will pride themselves in educating their consumer about their product as well as its production.

3. Approach greening your business as a journey

Your business needs to keep learning and implementing new green practices, new green technologies, and new ways to save resources and be efficient. Read widely, talk to others running green businesses and keep looking for opportunities to share your own business’s expertise and help others. Indeed, the more your business learns, the more likely it will be that your business becomes a leader in green business.Create an internal culture that never stops learning about green business and encourages employees to keep giving ideas and implementing various practices (some that will be successes, and some that will fail) that help your business stay green.
Stay networked with other green business through online forums and websites that provide connections with other green businesses.
Keep people updated on your business’s experiences through your website and reports.