How to Become a Green Business – Part 6: Recycling What You Can

Wed Nov 20 News

A green business (or sustainable business) is a business that causes no negative impact on the local or global environment, the community, or the economy. Green business is both socially and environmentally responsible and is focused on implementing principles and practices that benefit their employees, community, and the planet. Consumers may be particularly drawn to green business because of their reputation as companies that protect environmental resources, ensure the well-being of both employees and those who supply the company, and constantly revise their approaches to make them more aligned with sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Becoming green as a business is not a one-off change; it’s an ongoing endeavor that requires constant learning and improving.


1. Provide an indoor compost bin

Place a compost bin in your workplace kitchen or break room and your encourage workers to add their lunch scraps to it. Charge one employee with emptying your compost bin into an outdoor container on a daily or weekly basis.

2. Make recycling easy

To make your business a greener place, put a well-labeled recycling bin next to every trash can. Put extra recycling bins in the break room, by the copy machine and in the mail room to encourage your employees to recycle rather than just throwing stuff away. Place a memo above the recycling bin telling employees what items should go in the recycling bin. This will both help prevent confusion and will inspire recycling


3. Educate your staff on ways they can recycle at the office

You will need the participation of your staff in order to become a green business. Some easy things to start recycling are paper, plastic, and aluminum cans. Make sure your staff knows where they can find the recycling bins and what goes in them by holding a staff meeting that explains the benefits of recycling in the workplace and the expectations of all employees to participate in company recycling.