• 1What is CBI?

    CBI is a web-based voluntary reporting framework developed by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Vietnam where private companies can benchmark and log their contributions towards the Nationally Determined Contribution mitigation and adaptation targets. You can find more information here

  • 2What is the purpose of CBI?

    Participating in the Paris Agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 2015, Vietnam has committed to the Nationally Determined Contributions for Green House Gas mitigation and Climate change adaptation. This Agreement will take effect since 2020. CBI is built under the purpose of facilitating the practice of corporate sustainability reporting and improving current limited climate-related performance data disclosure. CBI not only helps government agencies track the private sector’s progress toward the NDC targets, reduces barriers for the private businesses to react to and benefit from the nation’s low carbon transition and adaptation, but also encourages climate-friendly investments and understanding.

  • 3Why should I participate in CBI?

    We believe that disclosing your company's climate performance is contributing to Vietnam's climate change mitigation and adaptation. There are many benefits for disclosing as a company including data assessment, engagement with and support from UNDP, and increasing Corporate Social Responsibility for expanding business network. You can find more information here

  • 4Will I be charged with any fee for participating in CBI?

    You are welcome to log in and make use of the resources in our CBI platform without paying any free, because UNDP understand and appreciate your company's voluntary diclosure and contribution to sustainable development goals of Vietnam.

  • 5What information am I being asked to disclose?

    We adopt a 3-tiered approach in CBI questionnaire and you are expected to completed as many of our tiers as possible at your companies' scale and capability. You may respond to our multiple-choice questions, report your climate performance data and upload any initiatives of your companies. The full questionnaires can be found here

  • 6Who is requiring my climate data via CBI?

    CBI is conducted on a completely voluntary basis and UNDP or any other entities do not require or force companies to give us your data. However, UNDP recommend companies to do so, for the benefits and business opportunities of your companies, enterprise community, potential investors, non-government or international organizations and the government.

  • 7Who will use CBI information and result?

    All data is used only for final evaluation and is never shared with other individuals / organizations. The analysis of each sector will be comprehensively released through this website, which will be a good resource for the government and investors to understand the private sector in Vietnam. Of course, participating companies can use their own CBI assessment as a framework to guide internal data collection and build strategies to achieve your setting goals.

  • 8How do I disclose via CBI website?

    You need to register for a CBI account on our website to access the reporting . If you already have an account, you can log in using your existing password. After signing in your account, you can start with our Tier-1 questionnaire if you have not taken before or you did not pass at the first attempt. Tier-2 and 3 will be available for accounts those successfully passed the previous one(s). You may respond to our multiple-choice questions, report your climate performance data and upload any initiatives of your companies. It is unnecessary to complete all tiers at once and you can re-take as many times as wished until you pass.

  • 9What is the difference between registered users and non-registered users?

    Registered users can manage and update their company profiles on CBI website and are allowed to access our questionnaire. These companies will receive UNDP's evaluation reports, supporting tools and latest educating materials. Tier-2 and Tier-3 reached companies will receive UNDP's recognition for use in their business strategy. They may get further engagement in many agencies' climate related events and business opportunities, with their names listed on CBI website. While non-registered users can view some content only and cannot access the 3-tiered questionnaire. Get registered now!

  • 10What support provided to help me disclose?

    UNDP collect readily available knowledge sources and toolkits, such as short readings, presentations, videos, online courses, and other educational materials which are tailored to the three tiers of questionnaire questions. We will provide Tier 2 and 3 assessments companies with all necessary templates for providing qualitative and quantitative information. Should you fail in any tier of our questionnaire but still interested in passing, or you find some questions confusing, you can access our Training support and Library.They are totally free of access.

  • 11What does CBI do with my company/personal data once I register into the system?

    Once submitted to CBI, we assure you that all your business information is stored in confidentiality within our system for record management and further engagement with UNDP in the future. Except those published on our website based on your request and personal account setting.

  • 12What is the timeline for responding?

    This year, companies can log in our website to report to the 2019 questionnaires since May. The deadline for finishing the final tier according to your company's capacity is ____.

  • 13Will I be penalized for declining to answer all or some parts of the questionnaire?

    Though we have no penalty, organizations are encouraged to provide as much information as possible to pass our tiers and receive corresponding recognition. Providing partial information is better than not at all and any response will be useful for assessment. Using the questionnaire(s) as a framework to guide internal data collection and strategies will allow you to build your response year-on-year, and assist in setting goals.

  • 14Will I be penalized for not passing any tier in the questionnaire?

    No. As a voluntary self-disclosure platform appreciating companies' willingess and contribution to climate sustainability, CBI encourage companies to choose level of reporting at their scale and capacity. Should you fail in any tier of our questionnaire, you can make use of our supporting resources and re-take at next attempt. However, for further engagement with UNDP and receiving better benefits better business opportunities, you are recommended to pass Tier-2 and 3.

  • 15Will I receive a score or ranking number for my questionnaire result?

    Yes. You will know your result and status (Climate-Aware, Actions-taker or Climate Leader) after completing your response in every tier of our questionnaires. The companies who passed tier-1, 2 and 3 assessment are provided with UNDP evaluation reports and recognition badge.

  • 16How will my company be listed on CBI website?

    Your company could be found in our Portfolio menu and its sub-tab according to your actual participation and assessment in our CBI. You can edit and update your company's profile here (Hyperlink to Manage my account tab)

  • 17Can I view other companies' response?

    Your company can not access the results of other companies' responses. The only thing you can see is an analysis based on the answers of all the companies. However, once the index evaluation is complete, you can share the case with the company's consent if necessary for sharing success stories.

  • 18How can I change or update a tier in my submitted questionnaire?

    If you want to retake your company after submitting an answer, we recommend you to retake it after sending us by email below. E-mail: ___________.

  • 19When will CBI related publications be available to view?

    News, press/media release and CBI 2019 report will be published on CBI website at different times depending on the program

  • 20How do I provide feedbacks to CBI?

    You can provide feedback to CBI on the content of our questionnaires and supporting documents through our feedback form on the website, after every tier of our questionnaire you complete.You will not receive a reply to your feedback, but please be assured that all form of submissions are reviewed to allow for continuous improvement.